Great things about our Classes & Programs:

  • Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport recognition. Hook Up Muay Thai Boxing is sanctioned by Kickboxing Ontario, fully affiliated with CSC (Combative Sports Canada) and recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. This means that our club and instructors have met rigorous standards as set out by the Ministry.
  • We have years of experience at Getting People Fit and Healthy, Training Recreational Athletes as well Competitors. Our coaching staff has NCCP Level Coaching and Personal Training Certifications. This guarantees that the level of knowledge directed towards teaching athletics will ensure your advancement and not injury as you progress through our sport.
  • Our Coaches & Instructors have Police Checks inclusive of a Vulnerability Sector Search. The importance of having the right coaches with the right credentials cannot be overstated.
  • Competitive Streams. You have the option of moving towards Government monitored competition at the Provincial, National and International Level. We have years of experience in mentoring and training athletes to safe and successful competitive careers.
  • Our curriculum is Modeled after the Canadian National Team Training Protocol. We have Provincial and National Champions, as well as Professional Competitors. The National Team training protocol is taught to all levels with the focus of bringing forward the best levels of teaching available.
  • Practical Self Defense. Muay Thai focuses on practical skills. We espouse a philosophy of peace and cooperation, and we understand the reality of modern culture is such that self defense is a life skill everyone should have.
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